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Denbigh Gliding, Lleweni Parc Airfield

Perfectly sited in fabulous North Wales only 15 minutes from the A55 Expressway, Denbigh Gliding at Lleweni Parc offers unrivalled access to the Snowdonia mountain wave and immediate access to the 30km Clwydian ridge.

We've got a great airfield - an 850 metre tarmac runway accessed by a sealed perimeter track - which means mud free flying all year round, be it wave, ridge or thermal.


We get spectacular mountain wave in the prevailing westerly winds.  The site height record stands at 25,000 feet and we also specialise in cross-country wave flying.  Sited to the West of airway N864, we enjoy unhindered access to Welsh wave.

Check out our Wavefests - during April and October each year - just great if you're diamond-hunting!


30 kilometres of the Clwydian Range means that even if the wave lets you down there's a great substitute.

We also have easy access to soar the Snowdonian mountains, which is particularly good in a North Westerly as you can soar over 60km of hills! For the racers among you, over 300km of racing along those hills are epic.


Mountain Thermal

A choice of thermal soaring - easy access to the flatlands and the heart of England, or the challenge of mountain thermals in nearby Snowdonia - certainly a slightly different way to explore North Wales!






There's something for everyone at Lleweni Parc - in the air and on the ground - and we know that once you're here you won't want to leave. 


And it's easy to stay -  there's excellent local accommodation in B&B, houses to let and hotels.  Camping and caravanning is available in a choice of areas on site and our clubhouse has a self catering kitchen, so staying at Lleweni Parc can be both easy and sociable.


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