Ridge, Thermal and Wave soaring coaching,NOW AVAILABLE.


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2-Seat flying in a high performance self launching 2-seater available


High Performance Single seater available for silver C+ kitted with oxygen and the latest Nav systems







Unusually in the gliding world, Lleweni Parc is not set up as a training site.  We aim to appeal to pilots of silver standard and above who can authorize their own flying and make own plans.

Launching is by Skylaunch winch or aerotow from our Turbo Eurofox.  SLS and TMG are both welcome.  We don’t expect to launch gliders unless it is soarable, so we aim to run a slick launch line to give everyone just one launch. If you are sharing a glider, make sure that you make arrangements for the second pilot to be able to launch later in the day.

In order to run a safe operation without full time supervision, we set out some basic guidelines for pilot flying standards.  Please see the Lleweni Parc Procedures before making your booking.















Lleweni Parc