Ridge, Thermal and Wave soaring coaching,NOW AVAILABLE.


Expeditions Welcome


12 Month Season

Contact the office to book in!


Forthcoming Events



Aerotowing now available


Wave fest get in touch to book yourself in


Winter trailer storage


Open all year round with our tarmac facilities


2-Seat flying in a high performance self launching 2-seater available


High Performance Single seater available for silver C+ kitted with oxygen and the latest Nav systems







Lleweni Parc enjoys some of the best and most under used facilities in UK Gliding. We believe that we have everything that you will need to enjoy a classic wave flying holiday.  We welcome any suggestions for facilities that might improve your visit.


Launching is generally by Skylaunch winch or our Eurofox. 'FLAX' has the 914 Turbo engine, which gives it plenty of power to even get the heavy 2-seaters up!



Camping space is available adjacent to the clubhouse with access to toilets, shower and the clubhouse and kitchen. If your family would prefer to be slightly further away from glider pilots, the Caravan Club Certificated Location might be more to your liking. See



The kitchen is available for you to make yourself hot drinks, etc. For those camping or "podding" on site it is also well equipped for cooking meals. Please clean up behind you as we do not employ any cleaning staff.

Dining Out

Denbigh and the surounding area boasts numerous good value pubs, restaurants and takeaways. Explore and you will not be disappointed.


Our hangar may have limited space for visiting aircraft on a first come first served basis.  So long as you are considerate towards our resident aircraft, expeditioners are welcome to organise hangar packing so as to  maximise the benefit of this facility (subject to the published hangarage fee per aircraft).


Lleweni Parc