2022 Charges (Inc VAT)

Normal Rates Junior Rates
Daily Membership £18 £13
Winch Launch £24 (£16 for training) £18 (£10 for training)
Private Self Launch £16 £16
Aerotow £44 to 2000ft. £1 per 100ft above or below 2000ft.
Aerotow (by visiting tug) £8 + fee to tug operator £5 + Fee to tug operator
Power Landing Fee (PPR) £30 £20
Camping/Caravan £19 per unit per night (£15 without electric) Free tents

£8 electric

ARCUS M Fuel £20 per 1000ft £17 per 1000ft

(inc Instructor)

£1.20 per minute

Max Charge 3hrs

90p per minute (max charge 3 hours)
LS4 hire £1.05 per minute

Max Charge 3hrs

80p per minute (Max charge 3 hours)
Hangarage £17 per aircraft per night £16 per aircraft per night
Booking Fee In Abeyance for 2023
Annual Facilities Fee (Trailer Parking) £400

(FOC for contract hangarage) 1/2 price for 2nd glider

Annual Membership £495 £285
Contract hangarage Shared Hangar- £2820 P.A.

Grob Twin ii Airtime                      92p Per Minute                        70p Per Minute

Trial Lesson                    £160- £279, contact us for more information

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