Daily Preparations

Several local agreements allow us to optimise our use of the local airspace. Prior to flying each day, the “responsible pilot” needs to decide which of these need to be implemented and ensure that all pilots are made aware of the day’s arrangements at briefing.

1. Notification to RAF Valley
Use this form to notify RAF Valley so they can plan their sorties away from our activities where possible but, more importantly, alerts their pilots to the likelihood of encountering gliders.

2. Transponder Exempt Zone
The Welsh Non SSR Area permits flight by gliders above FL100 without a transponder. The Welsh area covers all areas likely to be accessed from Lleweni and is available as a pda airspace file from here. No special actions are required to take advantage of this exemption.

3. The AMPIT Triangle
The fillet of airspace overhead Lleweni shown as class A above FL145 is know as the AMPIT triangle. A phone call to Prestwick can have this base raised to FL185 to allow wave soaring over the vale.
Call the Duty Contrpoller on 01294 655300 and tell them that you are calling from Denbigh Gliding. Request that the AMPIT Triangle is made available for gliding from ??:?? hours zulu until ??:?? hours zulu (or dusk) from FL145 to FL185. They may need to call you back to confirm the clearance. The full LoA can be found here.

4. Welsh TRA(G)s
The Welsh TRA(G)s (aka Wave Boxes) allow access to airspace above FL195 at weekends only. They can be opened by phoning Swanwick mil west.
Call the Swanwick Mil West superviser on 01489 612417 and tell him that you want to open some of the TRA(G)s. Normally you will require Welsh Lower Area ‘B’ and ‘C’ and maybe Area ‘A’. These extend from FL195 to FL240 and once opened are available for unrestricted operation provided the pilot monitors 130.1MHz.
Access above FL240 requires the Upper Area(s) to be opened. These areas require radio communication with a military controller which requires specialist oxygen/radio equipment and are unlikely to be used without considerable advance planning.
The full LoA can be found in two parts here and here.

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