We try to operate in an atmosphere of minimum regulation, but have two over riding guidelines:
1. Don’t crash or damage your glider.
2. Provided you don’t risk infringing guideline 1, please keep off the grass.

We are obliged to be quite firm about use of the grass. Our runway is surrounded by 180 acres of prime farmland.  This is rented out to a local farmer, and his rent subsidises our flying.  We are keen to continue our good relations with him.  There is plenty of room to operate from only the tarmac runway and peri track, but this does involve a little bit of self discipline and planning. In particular, a landing glider needs to leave room for the next aircraft to come in behind. Having landed on the runway, this requires you to roll to a controlled, braked, stop at the far end.

In general, the demands of operating from the runway require a degree of pilot experience. Our standard Minimum experience requirement is Silver ‘C’ , if you do not have this, get in touch with the CFI who will give you the instruction needed to fly safely here.

During expeditions, a briefing will be held in the clubroom each morning at 0930 to allow all pilots to compare notes and agree procedures for the day. This will also be the opportunity for the expedition leader/responsible pilot to advise which of the local airspace agreements have been implemented as detailed in Daily Preparation and to confirm that RAF Valley have been notified of the day’s activity.

To fly at Lleweni you should be a member of a BGA club.

Before flying it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of where the controlled airspace boundaries are located. (Fast Jets train in this area). To  be certain of avoidance of  controlled airspace it is strongly recommended that you fly with a moving map  loaded with the latest  airspace files. Please make sure you read the site briefing notes, and observe airfield discipline rules and radio procedure.

Clubhouse, etc.

Self catering is available in the clubhouse.  Lleweni has no catering or cleaning staff so we must ask you to clean up behind yourself and dispose of your own rubbish.

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